Check HDFC Credit Card Status Online | Different Ways to Track HDFC Credit Card Application Status

By | May 10, 2017

In this article, I will share you with the information of how to check HDFC Bank Credit Card Balance Online. There are different ways to sort it down and I will provide you all possible ways to do it. Added to it I will also share the information on way to track your HDFC Credit Card Application Status with or without E-Reference Number. It is all hard to get the information at one place but, not to worry I did the hard work for you. Just continue reading you will find all the information needed.

HDFC Credit Card Balance Status Online (Hassle-free)

Most of us might be wonders is that even possible? Well, truth is yes! It has been that way after all Banks introduced Missed Call Banking features. There might some banks missing with that tech but still, it works with 95% of banks irrespective of being National or international Banks or State Banks or much more.

About Checking Credit Card Balance Status Online it’s quite simple. All the credit cards from HDFC Provide access online with an Online account. Check Credit Card Balance Status through the online account web portal.

There might be some New Cases that you might be looking to Check HDFC Credit Card Balance through, here are few of them.

How to Check HDFC Credit Card Outstanding / Balance through SMS?

This one is real simple; all we need to do is initiate the setup with an SMS from your registered mobile number. Here is how it is done:

  • An intimation request is to be sent via SMS i.e.,

Send SMS as CCINFO to 5676712 (do it from the credit card registered mobile)

  • From the return message, Enter last 4 Digits of Credit Card Number.
  • And then, select your query from Drop Down list

This is how to Check HDFC Credit Card Status without Reference Number. You can also Track HDFC Credit Card Payment Status with SMS Feature provided from HDFC.

Ways to Track HDFC Credit Card Application Status

There are many ways and cases that you can resolve tracking HDFC Credit Card Application status online. Also, track down HDFC Credit Card Application Status with Reference Number.

HDFC Provides a Dedicated Web Portal for tracking their Credit Card Applications for the applicants.

HDFC Credit Card Application Status Tracking Web Portal

Track your Approved HDFC Credit Card

With the above portal, you can track HDFC Credit Card Application Status online.

All you need is:

HDFC Credit Card Application reference Number


HDFC Credit Card Application Form Number


Date of Birth of the Applicant

All the above options with a mandate registered Mobile Number must be provided in it as well.

Also, Know about:

SBI Current Account Application Process

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Unable to track HDFC credit card Application status

If you are unable to track HDFC Credit Card Application there are some reason which might be causing it as listed below:

  • Server of the HDFC Online Web Portal might be under maintenance

Although banks Promise to have no Downtime but still as a customer we experience problems like server issues this is because HDFC Server itself might be under maintenance or Check your Internet because sometime you might be having a problem with Internet as well.

Clearing Browser history works for this as well.

  • Write your queries directly to HDFC Customer Support here

Call them @ 1800 266 4332 Toll-Free number for any Credit Card concerned information

Hope my Information Helped you! Have a Good One!

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