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By | August 26, 2017

KCR KIT Scheme Telangana

Telangana state government run by KCR has introduced a new scheme for welfare of women and new born under the name KCR Kit.  The scheme costs Rs.605 crores and it will address the issues of women and new born.  The most benefited people under this scheme are pregnant women and new born.  The scheme is aimed at reducing the infant mortality and addressing complications at the time of pregnancy.  Under the scheme, pregnant women and new born babies of the state will receive essentials from the state government.  The scheme will come into action in the financial year 2017-18.  The scheme was rolled out on the occasion of Telangana Formation Day.

Under this programme, TS government distributes Rs. 12, 000 in three phases for the pregnant women in the state until the baby reaches 3 months.  First 4,000 will be provided during pregnancy, second installment of Rs. 4, 000 will be provided after pregnancy and the last installment of Rs. 4, 000 will be provided at the time of vaccination taking.  If the baby born was a girl, extra 1, 000 will be given.  In order to receive the benefits offered by TS government, eligible women need to register for the scheme.  Under the programme, KCR government will provide new mothers and newborns with 16 items worth Rs. 2, 000.   Mothers who give birth to girls will be credited with Rs. 13, 000 in their banks in four installments and mothers who give birth to boys will receive Rs. 12, 000.


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How to register for KCR KIT Scheme (Application Form)

The application forms to fill in to get benefited by KCR KIT Scheme are available in the official website for registration purpose.  Eligible women of the state who satisfy the criteria can register and apply to receive the benefits offered by the TS government.  The official website is www.kcrkit.telangana.gov.in.  You can go visit this website to find the KCR KIT application form, registration, login, application status, district wise reports, sanction list of KIT scheme etc.

KCR KIT Items List

Under KCR KIT scheme, TS state government is giving away 16 items worth Rs. 2000 to the pregnant women in the state.  These items are way too useful for the women who are carrying and for the newborns.  Below is the list of 16 items offered by TS government.

  • Special Mother and Child care soap
  • Newborn Baby bed
  • Baby Oil
  • Baby mosquitos net
  • Sarees for mother
  • Hand Bags
  • Towel & Napkins
  • Dresses for mother and baby
  • Baby Powder
  • Diapers
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Kid Toys and much more

The TS government has also rolled out other welfare schemes in the state for the welfare of women and children.  Under Arogya Lakshmi scheme, it will start distributing eggs, milk, and nutritious food through Anganwadis to the pregnant women across the state.  Eligible women should apply to receive the benefits offered by the government of Telangana.

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