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By | July 1, 2017

Link Aadhaar Card with Pan Card

Indian Government has made it compulsory for all the people in India to linkup Aadhar Card and PAN Card from July 1,2017.Modi Government has taken this firm step to stop Taxpayers from escaping.They have amended the income tax rules and made it mandatory to link both of them.

Supreme Court in its latest judgement on Aadhar Card & Pan Card Linking ,has confirmed that all the tax payers with Aadhar Card must link it to the PAN Card.

In the same judgement it has given some sought of relief to applicants who don’t have Aadhar Card.They needn’t link their Aadhar Card with Pan Card ( ofcourse they cannot) while filing the income tax.

As per the official information given by Indian government,111 Crore people has enrolled for Aadhar Card,25 Crore people are having PAN Cards.

Now its time for all of them who are holding Aadhar Card to linkup with their PAN Card.

Linking of Aadhar Card with PAN Card Can be done in two ways i.e. through income tax filing site and through SMS.

Here we are going to explain the complete information on how to ADD Aadhar Card to PAN card.

Link Aadhaar Card with Pan Card with SMS & E-filing Portal

1)Link Aadhaar and PAN through SMS

Income Tax department has come up with simple way to link Aadhaar & PAN card i.e through SMS [ just by sending SMS in the required format  to 567678 or 56161

Send the SMS from your registered mobile number to 567678 or 56161 in the format given below.

UIDPAN <12 DIGIT Aadhar Number> <10 Digit PAN Number>

Note : Make sure to give space between UIDPAN,Aadhar Number & PAN Number

Example: [ Just for the sake of understanding ]

Let’s Suppose Aadhar Card Number : 123456789123

PAN Card Number : 1234567890

Send it in the following format

UIDPAN 123456789123 1234567890

2)Link Aadhar Card & PAN Card through e-filing website

Income Tax department has made it clear that you can link your Aadhar & PAN Card through official site

Even without logging into the site you can update the information [ ofcourse you can do the same by logging in ]

Go to the official website given above and look for “LINK AADHAAR” in the Left Sidebar.

Click on “Link Aadhaar” Link ..Now a new page would open for you to link your Aadhaar Card.

Here we have provided you the screenshot how the page looks like for your easy understanding.

link aadhar card and pan card

Before the filling the form please carry the original / Xerox copy of your Aadhaar Card,so that you won’t commit any mistakes while entering the info.

Enter the PAN CARD & AADHAAR CARD Number & Name on Aadhar Card etc in the fields specified .

Inorder to bypass the spam,you guys have to enter the Captcha or Enter the OTP you received to your registered mobile number.

Visually challenged people can make use of OTP facility.

If name on the Aadhar Card and PAN Card matches then both will be linked and you will get a message.

If the Name on the Aadhaar card mismatch partially with your name on PAN Card then you need to verify the credentials using OTP.

In this case you need to enter the OTP you have received to you registered mobile number.

We have covered indepth information on how to link Aadhaar Card and Pan Card through SMS & through income tax website.

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