SBI Credit Card Payment Online | Best Ways to Pay SBI Credit Card Bills

By | May 10, 2017

Hey, everyone, I got many requests regarding Payments of SBI Credit Card Bills Online. Well, it can be done in many ways I will share best of them for you here. I will also write how you can check for SBI Credit Card balance status, tracking your payments and much more.

There must be people who have SBI Credit Cards but no dedicated bank accounts with the State bank of India.

How do I pay SBI Credit Card Bills Online?

A Simple way to Pay SBI Bank Credit Card Bills online, state bank itself has a dedicated web tool service or a web portal to be more precise. Back in days, we used to pay bills manually if I recollect. Like Going to banks or the concerned departments and pay the bills at the counters waiting for hours together, sometimes they work sometimes server smashes. Jeez, those days are so gone now, Pay everything online.

SBI Online Credit Card Payment Portal allows us to pay with Debit Card Details of some select few banks

SBI Credit Card Payment Debit Card banks list

As shown in the above Screenshot, it also allows making the payment through online Net Banking as well. There are more than 15 Banks including private and nationalized banks included in that lengthy list. I will provide a few of them.

Whoops I almost forgot to get the SBI Credit Card Bill Payments Web Portal

Best ways to Pay SBI Credit Card Bills Online from other banks Net Banking or Debit Cards:

  • Pay SBI Credit Card Bill through ICICI Net Banking
  • Pay SBI Credit Card Bill through HDFC Net Banking
  • Through ATM
  • Pay SBI Credit Card Bill through NEFT
  • Pay SBI Credit Card Bill through Cash / By Cheque

Pay SBI Credit Card Bill through ICICI Net Banking

In the same Web Portal

After entering details:

  • Email Address,
  • SBI Credit Card Number twice for confirmation,
  • Registered Mobile Number with SBI,
  • Credit Card Payment Amount

At the Pay from: Select Net Banking and search for ICICI Net Banking Option in that long list. Proceed with the payment.

Option in Drop down would be as ICICI Net Banking.

In the same way Pay SBI Credit Card Bill through HDFC Net Banking  by selecting HDFC Net Banking at Pay From:  drop drown. Proceed with the payment.

Pay SBI Credit Card Bill through ATM Online

You got the SBI Debit Card in Handy? Well hold it on for a while because we need it for making my Credit Card Payments online: P Just joking!

SBI Allow us to make the SBI Credit Card Payment through ATM Debit Cards online. I hope this is much better way than going to a Real time ATM and wasting time there if it was long queue.

Otherwise you can just visit the nearest SBI ATM, Insert Your Debit Card, Payments and boom! done with paying credit card bills.

But to make the payment using ATM SBI Debit Card Online.

SBI Official Portal

Same web portal. Select the Pay From: as Debit Card.  Select the Debit card from the drop down. Enter Card Number. It might ask for CVV and stuff to complete the transaction.


SBI HRMS Services for SBI Employees

State Bank of India Customer Service Number

Pay SBI Credit Card Bill through NEFT

NEFT Transactions are always sloppy to deal with, like we need more details and information to know SBI Credit Card Bills Payment is possible via SBI NEFT Online Net Banking.

How to register and pay using NEFT

I will give you a brief how to Register & Pay SBI credit Card Bill though NEFT

  • First of all, Login into SBI Online Portal
  • Add the SBI Credit Card as a beneficiary below third Party Transfer


  • Enter the above IFSC Code
  • On the banking page give the Credit Card Number in place of Account Number.
  • Give the Name of Beneficiary as: SBI CREDIT CARD – NEFT
  • Lastly provide the address of SBI Credit Card as: PAYMENT SYSTEMS GROUP, STATE BANK

Pay SBI Credit Card Bill through Cash / By Cheque

  • SBI Credit Card Bill Payment through Cash/ Cheque is done manually
  • Visit the Nearest SBI Bank in person,
  • Get the Cash or cheque ready with you,
  • Fill in the manual Pay Slip form
  • Give the type of payment Check or Cash in the above beneficiary Name

If you don’t have the SBI Credit Card Beneficiary Name in handy, please enquire at the reception of the Bank. They will be having all records of the Payee.

Hope my information was of help. Please comment below for more.

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